Ellie the Drama Princess

A Child’s Introduction to the Theater Process

Introduce a Child to the Arts and watch them shine!

Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child’s Introduction to the Theater Process” is written as a guide to help elementary age children (1st- 6th graders) understand the process of a theatrical production. An early introduction to the theater can give a child confidence in the arts before immersion into the competitive world of High School theater. Giving the child an advantage in the classes, productions, and competitions that he or she might become involved in.

The book is really two books in one, a Storybook and a Guidebook. The first is a child-friendly Storybook where the reader is introduced to the world of theater through the main character, 6-year-old Ellie’s eyes. She experiences the magical process of her beloved plays and introduces you to the people that put them together. Throughout the storybook are boldface theater terms; these new words are defined in the Storybook Glossary and explained in greater depth in the Guidebook

The Guidebook thoroughly explains the process and people that are part of a production. This part of the book is written with the intent of being read by a child with the assistance of an adult. Sometimes as a child is immersed in the world of a show, they don’t necessarily understand all the new words, work, and responsibilities that are involved in it. That misunderstanding can lead to embarrassment and self-doubt for the child. This guide is meant to educate them and address some common concerns in a kind and clear way, thus giving them the confidence they need to succeed.

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Written by KellieAnn Halvorsen
Illustrated by Caitlyn Nielson

Join Ellie and her friends as she introduces you to her beloved kingdom of the stage in this, the first book of The Drama Princess series.

  • Product Details
    • Age Range: Elementary
    • Paperback: 60 pages. Full color illustration. Laminated cover.
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 9781628474220
    • Product Dimensions: 8×10 inches

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'Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child's Introduction to the Theater Process' Book: > $18 per book.* (Please include pickup details with your order)


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This book is also available as an ebook on Amazon.com for $4.99.

Activities & Printables

Worksheets: Click on link in the caption to download PDF files.

The plan for more

Other Drama Princess books are already in the works where Ellie and her friends will continue to introduce children to their community theater and important concepts in the performing arts. Concepts such as auditions, etiquette, singing, dance, design and more. As they become available these books and other products will be available for purchase on this website, and for use as instructional or fundraising material for performing arts groups.

About the Illustrator

Caitlyn Neilson

Caitlyn Neilson has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, skipping over the stick-figure stage.  She has always insisted that her art tell a story.  Even when she was younger and would wake from a dream, rather than write it down, she would draw it out in sequence on several pieces of paper.  Now drawing is how she  dreams–refining every vision and daydream in the hopes of understanding it better.

She already has an AAS in Multimedia and is currently working on an  additional AAS in Illustration from the Salt Lake Community College.

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