Podcast Highlight: Des Willard on preparing to enjoy Valentine’s Day no matter your romantic relationship status

We recently discussed “How to prepare for Valentine’s Day, no matter your relationship status” on the Relentlessly Resilient Podcast. To help you remember the points, I have filtered them down to 5 illustrated tips on facing the dreaded February 14th.

  • 1. Plan Ahead: Don’t let it creep up on you. What would you like to do that day? Keep busy? Spa Day? Hide from the world? Plan it out.
  • 2. Be Kind to Yourself: Buy yourself a gift, and take some time doing a hobby you love or other self-care.
  • 3. Remember to Communicate with Others: Reach out to your loved ones or to someone you might think is having a hard time. And don’t forget to communicate your own needs as well.
  • 4. Break Away from Expectations!: Everyone feels pressure, no matter their romantic status on Valentine’s Day; so do something different! Try new food, go sky diving, nap all day, or find another way to mark the day.
  • 5. Support Others Celebrating Love: Like their social posts, babysit for a friend, and participate in a service project. You never know what others are feeling or experiencing, so be the support you want.

Listen to all the tips on our podcast “Des Willard on preparing to enjoy Valentine’s Day no matter your romantic relationship status.

And you might benefit from listening to our Christmas 2022 special, “Cohost Conversation: Embracing the non-traditional Christmas,” where I join for a portion of the show to talk about embracing the holiday season as a “forever single” adult through service and finding things to be joyful about.

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