Video and Audio Production

Student Documentary

One of the hardest and most rewarding projects I have ever had to complete was producing a student documentary. The project entailed filming, editing, and compiling a documentary of our choice, with me as the producer to make sure the work was done. We chose to create a documentary that challenges the audience to “Look Up” and notice the world around them.  Click here for the link to view the final piece.

Editing Exercises

book hunt

Every artist interprets the world, and thus creates art, in a different way. One of the first assignments for my “Documentary Video Production” class was to take the same pieces of footage and edit your own version of the film. For this assignment, I was able to assistant direct the filming and then edited my own version using Adobe Premiere Pro.  Click here to see my segment showcased in Salt Lake Community College’s “What’s Bruin”  My piece is the third segment.

Video Production and Hosting


Beginning and Advanced film production at Salt Lake Community College taught me the ins-and-outs of film, newsroom, live event, and documentary production process. I worked in studios, filmed/directed/produced TV segments, wrote scripts and production plans and even hosted the “What’s Bruin’ talk show found at the link here. This coursework also included practical hours outside of the classroom, allowing me to experience in-the-street situations.

Audio Documentary

vocal help

Videography and film editing are important, but it is also important to understand how to work on the audio tracks underneath the visuals. I learned my audio editing skills utilizing Adobe Audition to create several pieces of media, including this three-minute audio documentary filled with vocal audition tips featuring the talented Angie Call.



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