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Halvorsen is a producer by profession and creative nerd by passion; former KSL Inside Sources producer, Current The Church News Podcast producer, contributor to the Deseret News, KSL Podcast’s Fan Effect cohost, a freelance Strategic Communications Specialist, and the author of “Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child’s Introduction to the Theater Process.”

Above all else, she sees herself as an arts advocate and loves supporting and sharing talented storytellers with others.

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“Cute & Twisted” Illustration and original creature by VioArts (VioArts.com). Do not reuse.
Creature description by KellieAnn Halvorse

Monstrum Repetit Parva: 

Latin for “Monster Taker of Small Things” is Otherwise known as a “Sock Eaters.”

Monstrum Repetit Parva are a common household infestation found worldwide, except for in the households of the most cleanly of persons. These creatures, about the size of a small rodent, are catlike in appearance except for smallish but extremely sharp antlers they use for defense and burrowing.

These small creatures are primarily nocturnal in nature, spending their time seeking out small trinkets, sweet foods, and anything warm or cuddly for their nests. Using their large and often colorful eyes, they see well in the dark for their evening prowling and are known to love the glint of keys, jewelry, and other shiny objects. So much so some have learned to tune their large ears to the sound of these clinking objects, and when a human turns to busy themself with the preparation work for exiting a house, the small creatures nimbly dash to whatever surface the items are left at and sweep them away to their lairs.

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Best of Relentlessley Resilient 2021: Audio Sample

Best of Relentlessly Resilient 2021: Growing amid our beautiful disasters with the support of others’

2021 has been a difficult year for many as we continue to struggle amid the coronavirus pandemic, deal with social unrest, and seek out positivity in what feels like an ever-darkening world. But, over the course of this same year, we on the Relentlessly Resilient podcast have heard wonderfully inspiring stories of individuals and families who have faced uphill battles and learned overwhelmingly valuable lessons from the climb. Today hosts Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf revisit some of these stories and the powerful messages shared; from choosing to wear rose-colored glasses and seeing life as the beautiful disaster it is, to accepting help, acknowledging grief, being mad, and getting over it

Best of Audio clips were pulled from the following Relentlessly Resilient episodes: 

Even though we live in challenging times we can become Relentlessly Resilient as we lean on and learn from one another’s experiences. Hosts Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf are no strangers to overcoming adversity; Michelle lost her husband to cancer, while Jennie’s husband Major Brent Taylor was killed in the service of our country. Their stories bond them together and now listeners can join them weekly as they visit with others enduring challenges and who teach us how they are exercising resiliency, finding value in their grief, and purpose in moving forward. 

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