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KellieAnn Halvorsen

Radio Producer, Massage Therapist, and Creative Nerd.

Halvorsen is a Massage Therapist by trade, and a creative nerd by profession; a Strategic Communications Specialist, KSL Inside Sources producer, the author of “Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child’s Introduction to the Theater Process” and other written works, a private practice massage therapist, nerd, and an arts advocate. Explore the website and follow the links to learn more about Halvorsen, her talents, her writing, and to support her creative projects.

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Most recent blog post(s):

2019 RECAP

2019 was a great year of creative growth and continuing to bloom amid trials. My goals for 2019 revolved around becoming comfortable with my creative voice and being able to afford to pursue opportunities. While I was not able to accomplish all I had plotted, I am happy with the progress I did make. I am not going to share all my goals for 2019, but would love to hold myself accountable for some of my more public goals. Here I go!…(read more)


Most recent podcast:

“Frozen 2” Avoids Problems that Hurt Many Sequels & Kids Films By Aiming Older

  • Disney Animation’s “Frozen 2” is dominating the box office as fans, parents and kids eat up the long-awaited sequel. Andy Farnsworth is joined by KellieAnn Halvorsen of KSL NewsRadio’s Movie Show and Disney D23 insider Matthew Hansen for some SPOILER TALK as they break down why “Frozen 2” seems to be resonating with so many viewers, and what things it did right to avoid looking like just a cynical cash grab. Also, they debate whether it’s the intent of, or the result of, a character’s personal sacrifices in a story that makes those sacrifices meaningful.
  • NOTE: This podcast contains spoilers for ‘Frozen 2’ (2019)
  • Listen here.

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