Hire Halvorsen: Halvorsen is Seeking Full-Time Employment in Strategic Communications or a related field.

What is Strategic Communications? A blend of marketing, writing, and media creation skills for the modern-multiplatform world.

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Halvorsen is a graduate of the University of Utah’s communications department with education and years of experience in sales, marketing, publishing, media creation, writing, and public relations. She has a Bachelors in strategic communications, an associate in mass communications technology, years of publicity and public relations experience, website design/web presence management, and has cultivated skills in writing/editing/the Associated Press style of writing.

Halvorsen has a passion for the arts and storytelling, both in creating and supporting other creators. Halvorsen’s long-range career goal is to work in marketing, communications, public relations, sales, publishing, or media production. She has a particular interest in the film and entertainment industry, the performing arts, theatrical/film/TV production, publishing, travel, and other storytelling/experience-based industries. Contacts from within these industries would be highly appreciated.

Halvorsen is currently a Marketing/Publishing /Administrative Assistant with a Utah publisher.

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Halvorsen is a multi-talented professional in the Salt Lake Valley. A Strategic Communications Specialist, a Licensed Massage Therapist, the author of “Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child’s Introduction to the Theater Process” and other written works, and an Arts Advocate. Explore the website and follow the links to learn more about Halvorsen, her talents, massage practice, writing, and to support her creative projects.

Halvorsen is available for freelance communications; marketing, branding, website design/web presence management, media creation, editing and writing work. She also offers one-on-one training on these subjects to assist her clients in achieving their creative goals.