Media Campaign Poster

Spring 2015 -Introduction to Visual Communication

draft_tour_de_cure copy

Assignment: Media Campaign Media

Click to access draft_tour_de_cure.pdf

As a culmination of the skills learned within this course, we were asked to create 5 different pieces of media as a group for a non-profit organization that would benefit SLCC students. We choose to do the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Tour De Cure, a bike ride that raises funds for the ADA’s programs. I choose to do the Poster and was able to create a fun, bright, inviting piece that asks SLCC students to join the fictional SLCC Tour De Cure team. Because it is to be posted on SLCC campuses I used SLCC style guide and incorporated ADA’s logos. I was able to challenge myself artistically with the use of my photo shop skills and am proud of the out come.

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