Introduction to Web Design: The Draw of the Design

One of the great benefits of seeking out a degree in Strategic Communications is the flexibility allowed in the major. While the focus of a Strat. Comm student is on public relations, advertising, and integrated marketing, my elective choices are varied. In order to be a more marketable graduate, I have purposefully chosen my elective courses to be broader than most. I have explored video, studio, and documentary filming and have honed my talents of a rhetorician. But some of my favorite courses have been in web design. You can even say that Web design is what drew me to communications in the first place.

adventureland preview

A Disney’s Adventureland pages I did for an assignment in my Inrdocution course. It includes horizontal navigation with mouseover, blockquotes, google fonts and more.

Since 2009, I have been playing with building and maintaining websites through Intuit’s/Homestead’s interface. While the program is easy to use, it hasn’t offered me the creative freedom and features I want. So in fall 2014 I took an introduction course in web design at SLCC… AND IT WAS AWFUL! The course was disorganized and taught by a teacher who had literally been brought in last minute and held archaic ideas about coding. Lucky for me I was able to take introduction again from the U and loved it! My teacher was talented, ambitious and encouraging. Even luckier I find myself in an advanced class with another talented teacher eager to help me perfect my coding and design skills.


Final Project for Introduction to Web Design. It was a profile piece/blog for a fellow student. It includes multiple pages, sidebars, social media links, and forms.

I really would like to master my web design abilities so that I can be a well-rounded asset to my future employers and have the opportunity to code some of my own creative/entrepreneurial projects.

about me page

My first assignment for Advanced webdesign. This one is a multiple page website that includes a table and flipbook widget.


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