Photoshop Fun

I have been playing in photoshop for well over a decade now. I first learned the program in high school and have had continual training in various college courses and creative opportunities since. I love the challenge of combining different images into one new unified piece. Here are some pieces I am most proud of:

Going Places I Have Never Been, Summer 2014. 

The assignment for this class was to use photoshop to place yourself into a place you have never been but want to be. I choose this stunning lavender field to convey a feeling of peace and creativity. I had to insert myself into the ragged layers of foliage and remove the logo from my shirt.

Dynamic Headline, Spring 2015.

During my  “Introduction to Visual Communications” course, I had the opportunity to learn InDesign to create an interesting magazine style layout. I choose to create an article about Wonder Woman as Lois Lane. Using Photoshop I was able to insert a dynamic article title into the original image by Jarsric. I used cropping and darkroom techniques to bring a dynamic focus to the character for the article.

From Photo to Etsy Logo, Spring 2016.

I am constantly working on creative gifts and projects for my family. Here is the logo I helped create for my sister’s Etsy store. She emailed me the image she had painted with acrylics and I digitized it, giving it a more clip art feel to it. I enjoyed the work so much, we plan on doing more pieces utilizing her art style and my editing.

From Petite to Plus Size, 2013.

I fell in love with this artist modern interpretation of DC Comics Wonder Woman, so much so I wanted to create a version that I could cosplay comfortably. Using photoshop I made the figure plus size and added to the dress to bring it to my level of modesty standards. I paid special  attention to capturing the shadows on the outfit and even altered the color of the hair. I have yet to find someone who can sew me this wonderful dress, but someday I will be wearing this to comic con.

Me Collage Assignment, Spring 2015.


Sometimes your favorite piece of art isn’t a favorite because of its technical work, but it is your favorite because of what it says about you. As a “getting to know you” assignment for a class we had to create a collage of ourselves, this is my submission. While it appears to be a jumble of layers and layers styles, it really is the layers of myself from my love of creativity to my love of family. Every time I look at this piece it makes me smile.

-KellieAnn Halvorsen


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