Resolutions are very important to me.

I like setting goals, manageable and stretch, to push myself into being a better person. Even though I know I will not achieve all my goals, I believe that the process of goal settings helps me identify my strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities I have to grow. And when I look back on my goals, it helps me to acknowledge all the things I have worked towards, learned, and accomplished.

I believe in goals so much I actually spoke about it on KSL Newsradio’s ‘Dave and Dujanovic Show’ with guests hosts Amy Donaldson  and Representative Steve Handy.

I discussed my philosophy on new year resolutions and they helped held me accountable for my goals by having me state them on the air.

Listen to the segment now:

Halvorsen talking New Years Resolutions on KSL Newsradio’s ‘Dave and Dujanovic Show,’ with guest hosts Amy Donaldson and Representative Steve Handy. December 31,2019.

My Goals philosophy:

  • Create a variety of goals that are both realistic and ones that stretch you out of your comfort zone.
  • Write down your goals to keep yourself accountable. Set specific numbers, and deadlines with your goals.
  • Share your goals with others (when appropriate). You might be tempted to hide your goals in case you don’t hit/keep them.
    • Don’t do this! Share your goals with trusted individuals who can help keep you accountable, motivated, and help acknowledge the work you are doing.
  • Check back-in with yourself as you doggedly pursue your goals.
    • Suggestions: write your goals in your journal to reread regularly, set a weekly reminder on your phone to ask how you are going, set time in your calendar each month to review your progress.
  • REMEMBER FLEXIBILITY: Perfection is not needed, but flexibility is.
    • Don’t punish yourself for not being perfect. What we want is progress, so be forgiving and flexible with yourself. This includes allowing yourself to alter or even remove a goal.

That being said, here are my public 2020 resolutions.

My 2020 Vision:

1. Publish my own creative content regularly.

I have cultivated skills over the years that allow me to create content, shows, and things for others, but it is time I create my own content and thus followers. This means regularly blogging, social media posting, pursuing opportunities to write with KSL, and sharing my drawings. I would love to build myself to a place that I can get a Patreon account and a regular content cycle.

  • Specifics: Write something each week: blog, article, short story. Start my own Patreon by April 1. Do the MerMay drawing challenge. Publish ‘Drama Princess 2: Ellie Auditions.’

2. Earn more & save more!

I have spend the last few years living hand-to-mouth as I finished up my return to school, started a new career, and embarked on a blended-work lifestyle. I can’t keep doing this and need to find ways to make more income and save for the future I want. I need to do this by marketing myself and my services better, creating content that will generate income (Patreon, self-published works, Drama Princess book 2), and pursuing other avenues of income. I NEED to save an emergency fund, and an ‘opportunity fund’ that would allow me to say yes to what life offers me.

3. Take better charge of my health.

I simply want to get healthier. This means working toward a healthy weight, going to the doctor appointments I have been putting off for ages, and taking better care of my mind. I have some amazing friends who are helping me be accountable for this one.

4. Build my faith in my faith, myself, and others.

5. Build better relationships with friends and family.

We all know what we want to do to better ourselves, we have to make the choice to better ourselves, ourselves.

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