Inside Sources 2020: Best of Boyd (& Producer KellieAnn)

Multiple Meaningful Specials

Inside Sources tackled a lot of interesting topics in 2021, we put together a three-hour Pioneer Day special “Celebrating Utah’s pioneering legacy: Our past, present, and future” held numerous Candidate Conversations and hosted the “Utah’s 2020 GOP Gubernatorial Forum” with World Trade Center Utah.

Best of Boyd: Celebrating Utah’s pioneering legacy – Our past, present, and future

Developed a Brand Focus

Our job is to divide rage from reason, connect the dots, challenge current thinking, elevate the dialogue and provide perspective so our audience can make the news make sense…We are committed to transcending divisive rhetoric, creating space for critical conversation and challenging our listeners to engage with action – “in search of higher ground.” – Inside Sources Brand Charter

Even amidst a pandemic, we challenged “weariness,” reminded people that it is “Not a new normal, but a new now,” and explained how “history has its eyes on us as well.” We celebrated Utahans doing amazing things, our “relentlessly resilient” veterans, candidates who “unite to promote civility” and business leaders who are not afraid to take on the “critical conversations” of the day.

We should probably call out some of the unique conversations with guests like the late-great Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich from Rome during early days of pandemic, The Reverend Theresa Dear from the NAACP on racial compassion, Elder David A. Bednar apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on religious liberty, and even Rev. Amos Brown (last student of MLK) on a new word we all should learn.

We challenged our listeners to “Do something that makes a differencewith the 5 million mask challenge,
55-day moonshot challenge, and the Utah Refugee Connection’s virtual holiday drive.

Quotes from radio and Deseret News Articles that was on brand for Inside Sources

Launched Our Social Media


We launched and created a content cycle on our social media channels, shared stories about #WhatsBoydThinking, and cross-promoted with Boyd’s other content feeds like Deseret News “Therefore, What?” Podcast, weekly newsletter, Deseret News pieces, Boyd’s Twitter and more. We published our podcast with unique covers to make them stand out when we wanted to highlight them.

#WhatsBoydThinking? at the University of Utah, the Vice Presidential Debate

Unique Podcast Covers so highlighted segments stand out.

Still Found Time for Fun

We also found time to find inspiration in the playful, like the ‘Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh” and “Looking to OZ for why we do what we do.”  We took on national and international days, made Boyd read “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve, and celebrated some interesting #ThisDayInHistory moments like the day Francis Scott Key penned “The Star-Spangled Banner.

Best of Boyd: Christmas Eve with Boyd Matheson, a special celebration of the “Season of Belief”

With all the excitement and lessons learned in 2020, we are joyfully facing the challenge of 2021.

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