Did you hear the big news?!  


The sad part is I won’t be able to go with him as his producer due to my Deseret News commitments. I have worked on and off with this inspiring man for a few years now and grown so much in my career and as a person as he encouraged his listeners and myself to “See something that inspires. Say something that uplifts. Do something that makes a difference.”

Right now I feel that bittersweet sadness that comes at closing night of a theater production. You are so proud of the stories you have told, the audience you have inspired, and the cast members that have grown to become family. And even though this production is coming to an end, you know you have grown from working with each other’s talent and there is a good chance you will be working with them again. 

I am lucky that I will still be working with our larger DMC family and I get to regularly check in with my radio friends. I am lucky I will continue to even work with some twice a year on conference specials. And there is no way I am stoping my Fan Effect podcast fun! In fact it sounds like I’ll have time to do more nerdly things I love with them, DNews, and more. 
It was scary learning to trust my media creation capabilities when I started this second career into the world of broadcasting. But man how I have grown! As a writer, creator, confident person, and more. It forced me to face my demons, medicate my anxiety, and love my own unique voice like never before. 

I am (nervously and joyfully) looking forward to the next step of my career, and will continue to declare my life motto; “Be Creative. Be Bold. Be Inspiring.”

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