Christmas Radio Drama 2021: A Nightshift Christmas

KellieAnn recorded the talented Matt Assily who not only starred in our Radio Drama but played the saxophone on it also!

What a cool way to end the year!!! After my usual Conference Crush of Radio/Podcast specials, I had the most delightful opportunity to help edit and produce our annual Radio Christmas Drama!!! It took months of work, a bit of foley practice, and endless revisions, but I am so proud of how it all turned out.

And for extra holiday warm-fuzzies, it was inspired by a real-life local story and helped raise funds for KSL’s Quarters for Christmas. 

Listen to the special program now!

Christmas Radio Drama 2022: A Nightshift Christmas

KSL TVKSL NewsRadio, and FM 100.3 are proud to present “A Nightshift Christmas,” starring some of your favorite radio and television personalities, and narrated by Jeff Caplan. 

The program is inspired by a true story and occurs in one of the busiest places during the holidays, a department store. Security guard Carter Stone’s holiday spirit is low as he juggles work, graduate school, and his disdain for Christmas music but when an unlikely, and poetic, coworker joins the team, he just might buy into the Christmas spirit.  

If you enjoyed this program, please consider donating to KSL’s Quarters for Christmas. 

“A Nightshift Christmas” is sponsored by Minky Couture; the most luxurious and soft designer blankets, available in a variety of colors and sizes.  

Cast and crew:  

Starring Jeff Caplan, Matt Assily, Jon Smith, Doug Wright, Brooke Walker, Ryan Wood, Alex Kirry, Sheryl Worsley, Becky Bruce, Matthew Sadowski, and Rusty Keys. Featuring Richard and Gina Ledbetter.  Director: Candice Madsen, audio production: KellieAnn Halvorsen Trent Sell and Josh Tilton, Executive Producer: Sheryl Worsley.

The song A Christmas Poem was written and composed by Peter Rosen and mixed by Von Coffman. Saxophone solo by Matt Assily. Poetry written by Richard Ledbetter. 

Full music and foley credits can be found here.

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