Have a MONSTEROUS Holiday 2021!

"Cute & Twisted," Illustrated Sock Monsters and original creature by VioArts (VioArts.com). Do not reuse
“Cute & Twisted” Illustration and original creature by VioArts (VioArts.com). Do not reuse.
Creature description by KellieAnn Halvorsen

Monstrum Repetit Parva: 

Latin for “Monster Taker of Small Things” is Otherwise known as a “Sock Eaters.”

Monstrum Repetit Parva are a common household infestation found worldwide, except for in the households of the most cleanly of persons. These creatures, about the size of a small rodent, are catlike in appearance except for smallish but extremely sharp antlers they use for defense and burrowing. 

These small creatures are primarily nocturnal in nature, spending their time seeking out small trinkets, sweet foods, and anything warm or cuddly for their nests. Using their large and often colorful eyes, they see well in the dark for their evening prowling and are known to love the glint of keys, jewelry, and other shiny objects. So much so some have learned to tune their large ears to the sound of these clinking objects, and when a human turns to busy themself with the preparation work for exiting a house, the small creatures nimbly dash to whatever surface the items are left at and sweep them away to their lairs. 

They prefer burrowing in warm and soft places, and as such, are known for nesting in dryer vents, deep inside couch upholstery, laundry or blanket piles, and even fireplace ashes. Some Sock Eaters are known to select and hoard their own unique items in strange places, from tweezers to kitchen sponges. They might seek out, steal, and store these items in stashes around the dwelling, only for owners to discover them once more after moving an old piece of furniture. While some of these monsters prefer a solitary life if a house has a plentiful supply of easily pilfered objects and often abandoned or neglected nesting spots, pair bonds and familiar clans can be quickly established. 

While their nickname suggests they like to consume socks and other small items, the act has rarely been observed. Instead, they have been known to seek out and devour even the most secretly hidden candy stashes, discarding the wrappers in whatever nook or cranny that is convenient at the time. As stealthy observers themselves, they seem to understand concepts of human celebration and the special treats that often accompany these events. Some have been observed gorging themselves during the winter Holiday season to the point that it triggers months-long hibernation. 

The best way to prevent an infestation of these creatures is to keep a clean household. Sweats should be sealed up tightly, laundry folded away quickly, and small important like keys or cash placed in a secure and consistent location. Failing that, leaving intended offerings of candy and socks can help prevent the creatures from seeking out a person’s more essential items. Except, of course, for black licorice because not even these tiny monsters like black licorice.

“Cute & Twisted” Illustration and original creature by VioArts (VioArts.com).
Creature description by KellieAnn Halvorsen (KAHalvo.com). 

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